• Saboteurs ~ are those voices in your head that cause negative emotion like anxiety, anger, depression, restlessness, loss, grief, mood swings, guilt and negativity. Sabotaging behaviour are those annoying habits, some you realise you do but just can't seem to stop yourself. Others you are blind to, NOT ANYMORE!

  • Are you ready to find out which are your top saboteurs and what behaviours they are running in you?

How does this programme weaken your saboteurs and increase your positive IQ?

What your programme will include:

  • In app progress bars and charts.

  • In app journal to note your insights.

  • In app community to chat and share

Frequently asked questions

Who is Shirzad Chamine and why have you partnered with him to offer this programme to us?

How long does the course run for?

What do I learn each week?

How much time do I have to give this daily?

Will this help me to resolve childhood trauma?